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Are you ready to heal from past trauma, process your thoughts, and manifest your future?

Journaling has the ability to heal, reduce stress, and even boost your immune function!
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I'll help you make journaling a regular part of your life.

Journaling has become so much a part of my life. I literally don't know what I would do without it! So many have asked me what I write? What goes into this precious 5 minute part of my morning? I have reached a point that I can happily say, what goes in my journal is what I need, what my soul needs! And you can get there too! In this 7 day e-course I go over tips and tricks for starting your very own journaling routine.

The next challenge starts Monday, March 9th!

I am so excited to share this with you and have you harness
the power that is already within you!

Here is the complete schedule and what you'll get:

Video lessons from me!
Daily emails and prompts
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Love and all the encouragement I can send you!

Monday, March 9th

Day 1: One Word

Contrary to popular belief, journaling doesn’t have to hundreds of words filling the paper, it can be as simple as one one with great intention.
Tuesday, March 10th

Day 2: Gratitude

Gratitude has the ability to change the vibration of your body.
Wednesday, March 11th

Day 3: Nighttime Reflection

Savor the good and the bad. Just because it was “bad” doesn’t mean it didn’t teach you something or wasn’t exactly what you needed in that moment.
thursday, march 12th

Day 4: Fear

Something we often feel and push away daily. It is our biggest teacher and can even be our ally if we understand how little power it has over us.
friday, march 13th

Day 5: Dream

Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought, I’ve got to remember that one in the morning, only to wake up the next morning and you can’t remember it?!
saturday, march 14th

Day 6: FEEL GOOD and Carry It Around

Fall in love with a free flow journaling practice.
sunday, march 15th

Day 7: Best Moment Ever

What has been the best moment of your life up to this point? 

I'll help you harness the power already within you.

Hey, my name is Sadie Jane. I'm excited to share my journaling practice with you because I believe it is THE BEST way to get still, calm the voice of our inner critic, get back to center, access our own intuition, and feel at peace about our lives.

Don't take my word for it... Read what others have to say!

I feel like you have answered my prayers and I am so grateful.
You are absolutely doing what you are called to do! I can’t thank you enough! I am loving these courses so much. I feel like you have answered my prayers and I am so grateful. I am finally learning how to love myself! I didn’t think it was possible. Everyone says to love yourself or you can’t truly love anyone else. I’m like “but how?” Well now I’m finally learning how and I feel like you are speaking specifically to me. Can’t thank you enough
Lindsey S.
Just did the 5 minute meditation and cried.
Just did the 5 minute meditation and cried. This is the kind of healing I’ve needed in my life. And with all the unbelievable things going on right now, I am so FREAKING grateful Sadie made these, and released them when she did. And that the stars aligned and I was able to trust myself enough to invest in me. I needed this more than even I knew!
Girl, you changed my life.
Girl, you changed my life. It brings me to tears. I really hated myself, my image, and hit it all so well. Thriving with my business, beautiful kids, and hot husband. Putting a fake face on. But I burned my fears. Illuminated 2019 and finally after years of hating my 160 pound self… I see a different person in the mirror. It’s because of you. You. I wish I could squeeze you. But thank you. Just thank you.
Hillary K.
SSJ is my spirit guide!
The Ultimate Self-Love courses have given me that “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling. As someone who has anxiety even looking in the mirror this course has helped me feel peace and calm. SSJ is my spirit guide and because of her I’m manifesting love and light to myself and feeling the abundant support of the universe. I am never too much and always enough. To open my computer or pull out my phone and feel the love and support of countless women and me, struggling and fighting their way into owning themselves is everything.
Emma H.
I’m loving this program so far and have had some really powerful meditations.
I’m loving this program so far and have had some really powerful meditations. Both happy and sad things have been brought up that I feel like I’ve blocked from an emotional childhood. But it’s been uplifting and refreshing to learn how to let go of these things and finally let my body learn how to heal. Thank you Sadie Jane Sabin for feeling inspired to do this program – you have far more helped me than any therapist or anti depressant pill I’ve ever taken!

Sami C.
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